Highway capital

The partners and advisors of Highway Capital all have 25+ years of experience providing logistics solutions, freight brokering and financial products and services. We take a client-first approach, addressing a need and providing an effective and mutually beneficial solution. Our success only occurs after our clients’ success.

About the highway capital team

Patrick Bilbrough

President/CEO with 25 years of experience leading commercial banking teams managing multi-billion dollar asset portfolios, he has the experience, skills and contacts to provide financial solutions to his clients. During his tenure in banking, he provided financing to freight brokers, trucking fleets, owner operators as well as the full gamut of commercial entities. His professional network is vast as well as the experience of his associates and advisors.

About factoring

We provide working capital quickly and efficiently via the purchasing of qualified receivables. Funding occurs within 24 to 48 hours of submission. Quick access to liquidity enables our carriers to take advantage of purchasing discounts and keep up the maintenance of their rolling stock.

About debt placement

Highway Capital will work with freight carriers and other commercial entities to assist in locating the best structure and terms for equipment, real estate and operating financing to promote their clients’ access to capital.